B3 STAG 400 DPI model – greater durability and ACT handling

We talk about the B3 model, the latest controller in the STAG 400 DPI family, with Maciej Dubicki, technical and development manager of AC SA

The B3 model is the latest release of the STAG 400 DPI family of controllers. How does it differ from its predecessors?

ACT, which means Active Cylinder Technology, is a feature that allows the two middle cylinders – the second and third – to be “deactivated” when the 4-cylinder engine is operating at lower loads. Cylinder deactivation is a well-known solution in the automotive industry used by US automakers as early as in the 1980s. The starting point for the development of cylinder deactivation technology was a well-known property of internal combustion engines, i.e. lower efficiency at low loads. As a result, when the cylinders are deactivated, a fuel consumption reduction is obtained without loss of engine performance.

Unfortunately, after converting a direct-injection engine with the ACT system to gas and keeping the default configuration, a problem occurs making  it impossible for the engine to run on gas.   

How can this be corrected?

The key is the proper configuration of the injection sequence.

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