New model of STAG 400 DPI controller

The B3 model has appeared in the family of STAG controllers for direct fuel injection systems. It will replace the popular STAG 400 DPI B2.

The new controller model retains all the existing features of the 400 DPI. As in previous models from the B group, B3 is equipped with a clear application, implemented protection for gasoline injectors, VAG universal code, option to support a digital pressure sensor and clear installation annexes.

Innovative technology

The controller is equipped with a proprietary way to support the ACT (Active Cylinder Technology) / COD (Cylinder on Demand) cylinder deactivation system for VAG group vehicles (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda). This technology has eliminated the engine jerk effect when the cylinders are deactivated.

Thanks to the PCB technology facelift, the B3 model is more resistant to damage than its predecessor, the B2 model. At the same time, we have retained all the existing functionality of the previous “B” versions and ensured that the B3 model can be used wherever previous versions of the B model were used.

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