Firmware - history of changes

  • The way of configuring pressure emulation has been modified, which from the current firmware version will be a public (not hidden) parameter.
    The previous list of gasoline pressure emulation associated with the engine code has been shortened to 4 different emulation types. The new types are “None”, “Universal”, “Duplication”, “Variable”.
  • A new emulation type has been added (SHPAE – STAG High Pressure Advanced Emulation), which is available on controllers equipped with a universal pulse input, for selected engine codes (‘Hyundai/Kia G4LD (1.4 TGDI)’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G4FJ (1. 6 TGDI) GPF’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G4FP (1.6 TGDI)’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G6DH (3.3 GDI)’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G6DJ (3.8 GDI)’, ‘Mazda PY-VPS (2.5 Skyactiv-G)’, ‘Opel A16XHT/LVP (1.6 SIDI Turbo)’, ‘Opel B20NHT(LTG) (2.0T)’.
  • New settings and options have been added:
    – ‘AUX input configuration’ setting group,
    – “Reverse fuel pump control” option to extend the functionality of “GMC pressure test operation”,
    – “Pressure emulation upper limit” setting.
  • Removed emulated pressure limit map
  • New engine code ‘Hyundai/Kia G4FP (1.6 TGDI)’ added.

  • Added a new option “Block injection to disabled cylinder” (available in the advanced tab)
  • New engine codes:
      • ‘Subaru FA24F (2.4)’ (supported by STAG-400.6 DPI Model A1 controller)
      • ‘Ford NANO (2.7 EcoBoost) (>2018r)’ (supported by STAG-400.6 DPI A2 ‘EcoTec3’ controller)
      • ‘GM LGX (3.6)’ (supported by the STAG-400.6 DPI A2 ‘EcoTec3’ controller)
      • ‘JLR AJ133 (5.0)’ (supported by the STAG-400.8 DPI A1 controller)

  • Support for the PS04 Pro pressure sensor
  • Enabled OBD connection in hybrid vehicles
  • Added a new option “Compensation from supply voltage” (available in the advanced tab)
  • Fixed the problem of gasoline injection dose fade after switching to gas, which was revealed in the 4.1.7 update for the code ‘Ford M8 (1.5 EcoBoost)
  • The new code ‘GM LLT (3.6)’ (supported by the STAG-400.6 DPI Model A1 controller)
  • Engine code ‘BMW N55B30A (3.0T)’ has been moved to the STAG-400.6 Model A2 ‘EcoTec’ controller.

  • The application supports the new STAG-400.4 DPI controller model “B3”
  • We added an option to support cylinder deactivation in VAG group vehicles – “VW ACT” (Note: This option is available only in the STAG-400.4 DPI controller model “B3”)
  • We added AUX output configuration settings (allow activation or powering of external devices – with low power requirements – during the operation of the controller in gas mode)
  • We added the function of downloading the VIN of the vehicle through the OBD connection. The number read is automatically stored in the appropriate field of the form available in the “Info. About the car”
  • The “warm start” setting is available globally (regardless of the selected engine code)
  • The auto-calibration function has been expanded with the ignition sequence detection mechanism

  • New engine codes: ‘Toyota M15A-FKS (1.5 VVT-iE)’, ‘Opel A20NFT(LHU) (2.0 T)’, ‘Subaru FA20FA (2.0 T)’, ‘VW CXB (1.8 TSI)’, ‘Alfa Romeo 939A.000 (3.2 JTS)’, (1.6 PT)’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G3LC (1.0 TGDI)’, ‘BMW N55B30A (3.0T)’, ‘VW CHZ/DKL/DKR (1.0 TSI) Subaru FB25D (2.5)’.
  • New setting: ‘injection pulse filter (false injection)’.

  • New engine codes: ‘Hyundai/Kia G4KH (2.0 TGDI) (>2015r)’, ‘Toyota 8NR-FTS (1.2 VVT-iW D-4T)’, ‘JLR AJ126 (3.0)’, ‘Hyundai/Kia G4FJ (1. 6 TGDI) GPF’, ‘BMW N20B20A (2.0T)’, ‘Nissan MR20DD (2.0)’, ‘Suzuki K14C (1.4 BJ) ‘, ‘Ford/JLR 204PT (2.0 Si4)’
  • New setting “GMC pressure test support” to enable the configuration of a solution against the phenomenon of the so-called idle pressure test in vehicles of brands affiliated with the General Motors Company (i.e. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Opel, Saab and others).
  • A new “Boxer engine” setting, the activation of which changes the configuration of gasoline injector inputs and emulations from the default, correct for standard inline four-cylinder engines, to the optimal version for BOXER-type engines.
  • New setting “Injection pulse filter (interference from steam)”.
    Added support for VALVETRONIC engines (“Engine type” setting).
  • New auto-calibration option:  “force fuel rail pressure measurement”.
  • Added diagnostic tool “digital recorder”.

  • Enhanced driver configuration tools have been released:
    – Gasoline Flush Map;
    – Gasoline injector cut-off and emulation settings;
    – Pressure emulation type setting;
    – Gasoline pressure setting.
  • New settings have been added to configure gasoline enrichment at load increase.

  • New angular gas injection delay map added
  • New “minimum gas injection” setting to determine the lower limit of the gas dose that can be given by the injector.
  • New engine codes: ‘Nissan MR16DDT (1.6 DIG-T) ‘, ‘PSA EB2ADT (1.2 PT).

  • Improved mechanism for detecting gas injection into a disabled cylinder
  • New engine codes: ‘Ford M8 (1.5 EcoBoost) ‘, ‘Ford M9 (1.5 EcoBoost)’, ‘Ford NANO (2.7 EcoBoost)’.

  • A new optional auto-calibration mode has been added to allow this process to be carried out bypassing the step of setting default setup configurations dependent on the engine code.
  • Added a mechanism for detecting gas injection into a disabled cylinder.
  • New engine codes Hyundai/Kia G4LD (1.4 TGDI), Hyundai/Kia G4FD (1.6 GDI) GPF

  • A new setting (available in the “advanced” tab) has been added to configure the lower limit of emulated injection rail pressure.

  • New engine code Opel B20NHT(LTG) (2.0T)
  • Addition of a new auto-calibration mode: “start from current multiplier

  • New setting “Injection signal boost” .
  • New engine code Opel B14XFL(LE2) (1.4T)
  • Restoration of the Ford JQD (1.6 EcoBoost) engine code as supported.

  • Modification of the default configuration of codes ‘Mazda PE-VPS (2.0 Skyactiv-G) Euro 6d Temp’, ‘Mazda PE-VPS (2.0 Skyactiv-G)’ and ‘Mazda PY-VPS (2.5 Skyactiv-G)’ to reduce gasoline combustion.
  • Modification of the default configuration of codes ‘Mercedes 271.820(1.8 CGI, 115kW)’ and ‘VW CPKA/CPRA (1.8TFSI)’ to improve the stability of gasoline injection time readings
  • ‘Warm start’ setting supported for ‘Ford USA (2.0 EcoBoost, 176kW)’ and ‘Mazda LF3F (2.0 DISI)’ codes
  • Fix to remove the problem of blocking the OBD connection if the switch was in gasoline mode when the ignition was turned on

  • Modified pressure emulation for the code “Ford Fusion USA (2.0 Ecoboost, 176kW)” due to the inability to perform auto-calibration on some vehicles equipped with this engine
  • Added support for the engine code “Mazda PE-VPS (2.0 Skyactiv-G) Euro 6d Temp”
  • Added support for quick connection/disconnection with OBD (by clicking on the connection status in the OBD window of the PC application)

  • Added support for the following engine codes (on “B2” controllers only):
    – G4KH – 2.0 TGDI – Hyundai/Kia (204kW).
    – K10C – 1.0 BJ – Suzuki SX4 S-Cross (82kW)

  • Fix to restore the ability to configure the STAG-400 DPI controller review with firmware version 3.4.0

  • Added option to activate continuous clearing of OBD trouble codes. Also while driving.
  • Added option for injection pulse filter,
  • Added support for the following engine codes:

VW BPK (3.2 FSI)

  • Added setting: opening correction of gas injectors

  • Added setting: pulse (injection) level.
  • Fixed a problem with the operation of the MAZDA 2.0 DISI (LF3F) and MAZDA 2.3T DISI (L3VDT) codes in B1/B2 implementation controllers.
  • Added property to block automatic switching to gas if auto-calibration has not been performed (or at least not started). An uncalibrated controller will be able to switch manually through the switch.

  • Added support for engines with codes:

Ford UNCE (1.5 Ecoboost 118kW)
Mazda PE-VPS (2.0 Skyactiv-G)
VW AXX (2.0 TFSI 147kW)
VW BWK (1.4 TSI 110kW)
VW CJZD (1.2 TSI 81kW)
VW CXSA (1.4 TSI 90kW)

  • Added actual pressure parameter (i.e. gasoline pressure as seen from the side of the pressure sensor on the fuel rail)
  • Modified the gasoline pressure parameter, which from now on shows the pressure seen from the side of the PCM (emulated when running on gas and real when running on gasoline)

  • The list of supported engine codes for the B2 controller has been completed

  • Engine support has been introduced (STAG 400.4 DPI model B1): 271.820(1.8_CGI)
  • Engine support (STAG 400.4 DPI model B1) withdrawn: Renault H5F (1.2 TCE)

  • Support for the new STAG 400-4 model B1 controller has been introduced.
  • STAG 400 has been equipped with auto-adaptation known from Q-Generation controllers.
  • Support for the following engine codes has been introduced (STAG 400.4 DPI model A1 and B1):


  • American equivalent of the TNCD engine.
  • Support has been introduced for the following engine codes (STAG 400.4 DPI model B1):

5FV (EP6CDT) Bosch ECU,
5FV (EP6CDT) ECU Sagem,

Engine code support has been introduced (STAG 400.8 DPI model A1):


Withdrawn support for engine (STAG 400.4 DPI model A1):


  • Minor corrections to the G4NC engine code
  • Updated documentation:
  • Included in the pinout descriptions, instructions and connection diagrams of the STAG 400.4 DPI model B1 controller.
  • Added instructions for emulators dedicated to STAG-400 DPI (ISE-Q, ISE-D4).
  • Added annexes for new engine codes for STAG 400 DPI system

” Alfa Romeo 939A6.000 (1.9 JTS) “
” VW BLX (2.0 FSI) “
“VW CAEB (2.0 TFSI)”
“VW CCZA (2.0 TFSI)”
“Ford TNCD (2.0 EcoBoost)”
“Ford Fusion USA (2.0 EcoBoost, 176kW)”
“VW CZCA (1.4 TSI)”
“Renault H5F Euro6 (1.2 TCe, 74/88kW)”
“PSA 5FV/EP6CDT (1.6 THP, Bosh ECU)”
“PSA 5FV/EP6CDT (1.6 THP, ECU Sagem)”
“Toyota 2AZ-FSE (2.4 VVTiD4)”
“Hyundai/Kia G4FJ (1.6 Turbo GDI)”
“VW BVJ (4.2 FSI)”
“Opel A16XHT/LVP (1.6 SIDI Turbo)”
“VW CHPA (1.4 TSI)”
“Mazda PY-VPS (2.5 Skyactiv-G)

  • The car information tab was expanded to include fields: “note”, “oil filter”, “air filter”, “gas filter”.
  • Updated the OBD auto error checker – added codes P0440, P0153
  • Serbian language added
  • Hungarian language updated
  • Renamed the level indicator “WPGH” to “WPGH / WPL”
  • Added support for the new WPG: WPGH decreasing

  • Added ability to automatically clear selected OBD2/EOBD errors,
  • Added support for engines with codes:

VW CAXC (1.4 TSI, 92 kW),
VW CPKA (1.8 TFSI, 125 kW),
VW CAUA (4.2 FSI, 260 kW),
Hyundai/Kia G4KJ (2.4 GDI, 141 kW),
GM LF1/LFW (3.0 SIDI, 190kW).

  • Added support for engines with codes:
    Ford Duratec-HE (2.0)
    – HD/Kia G4NC (2.0 GDI)

  • Added support for engines with codes:

Ford JQDA and JQDB (1.6L)
VW BZB (1.8 TSI)
Nissan VK56VD (5.6L) – dedicated kit required

  • Added supported gas injector types:

AC W03
Valtek 30 2 Ohm Plastic
Dymco Black
Landi Renzo MED Green

  • The voltage value from the gasoline high pressure sensor is now displayed in the AC STAG (Monitor, group “Other”)

  • Reduced gasoline consumption of some engines (Autocalibration required again):

Mazda L3 VDT (2.3T),
Toyota 1AZ-FSE (2.0),
Opel A20NHT (2.0T),
VW BHK (3.6)

  • Added possibility to increase the share of gasoline in selected areas of engine operation (3d map),
  • Added automatic calibration of gas level indication,
    OBD monitor has been replaced with OBD reader allowing to read any parameters,
  • Added map of manual correction from gas pressure,
  • Added map of manual correction from reducer temperature,
  • Added opening corrections of individual gas injectors.

  • Added support for engines with codes:
    – Opel A20NHT (2.0T, Insignia).
    – VAG group (4cyl, >1.6L, <2012r) (dedicated code for VAG group).
  • Added choice of reducer temperature sensor type,
    – AC TYPE R01
    – CT-1K7
    – CT-10k
    – CT-4K7 LOVATO
    – KME
  • Expanded list of gas level sensors,
    – WPG 4
    – CNG 201C – AC 5V
    – CNG 201C – AC 12V
  • Communication with OBD is active only with connected AC STAG application (or connected parameter recorder),
  • Added option “Not connected” when selecting lambda probe type,

  • Added support for engines with codes:
    – TOYOTA 1AZ-FSE (2.0 D4)
    – VW BDX (2.8 FSI)
  • Added support for injectors: – AC W02
    – AC W02 BFC
  • CAXA – improved idle stability and reduced gasoline consumption
  • BHK – eliminated occasional problems with gasoline injector emulation and improved idle stability
  • CDA – eliminated occasional problems with gasoline injector emulation when the engine is cold
  • Eliminated occasional reporting of gas injector errors when switching to gas
  • Eliminated the situation when, despite the error, the control panel did not make a sound

  • Introduction of support for new engines
    – VW AUK
    – VW BHK
    – Hyundai G4FD
  • Mazda 2.3T – reducing gasoline combustion when the engine runs on gaseous fuel

  • BAR and BVY combustion reduced
  • New auto-calibration for BAR
  • Added support for Mazda L3 VDT engine (2.3 Turbo)
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